Dropdown Input

đź”˝ Dropdown Input Setting

A dropdown menu of several options, and the user can only choose one.

placeholder will create a disabled option at the top of the options list.

Setting Definition
type DropdownInputSetting = {
  type: 'dropdown-input'
  label: string
  id: string
  defaultValue?: Value
  options: Option[]
  placeholder?: string
  description?: string
type Option = {
  label: string
  value: Value
type Value = string | number | boolean

If no defaultValue is given, the default value is the value of first option in options.


addEventListener('slime2:ready', () => {
  slime2.widget.loadSettings('widget-data.js', [
      label: 'Theme',
      id: 'theme',
      type: 'dropdown-input',
      defaultValue: 'cute',
      options: [
        { label: 'Clean', value: 'clean' },
        { label: 'Cute', value: 'cute' },
        { label: 'Fancy', value: 'fancy' },
      placeholder: 'Select a theme',
Initial Data
{ "theme": "cute" }

Dropdown Input Preview